Why app auto-updates (on any platform) are an absolute necessity

I know that many people say that you should disable auto-updates on platform XYZ for reason ABC. However compelling those reasons seem, there is a major reason to allow them, and it really should supersede those arguments: security.

I understand that the update might add a virus, but think about it: Do you think it's more likely that the update contains a virus, or contains a patch to stop a virus? The latter is far more likely.

Also, some people argue that updates can make changes people don't like. I know you loved MyFavoriteFeature in MyFavoriteApp, but the same update that removed MyFavoriteFeature may have also fixed a critical vulnerability. It may have even been that MyFavoriteFeature contained the vulnerability.

Another complaint is that updates can make apps freeze and crash. This does happen, but again, a nonfunctional app is better than a hacked device.

Overall, there are three main issues with auto-updates: "The update might add a virus," "I don't like a change," or "It broke the app." It's worth the risk of getting a virus from an update when it's far more likely that the update will prevent a virus. And, honestly, MyFavoriteApp losing MyFavoriteFeature or even crashing is far better than a hacked phone.


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